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This glorious book covers all the possible bird life of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. It is a guide for the avid birder/twitcher, as well as all lay people who just want to learn, identify, admire and enjoy our beautiful feathered friends.



This equally glorious publication gives an excellent overview of the fossils found at the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. Absolutely fascinating reading and so educational for anyone who is curious about this niche interest.


This book is perfect for anyone interested in the algae and invertebrates that inhabit this beautiful marine sanctuary. Full of colour, shapes, texture of the intriguing beings that live above and below the water. Great for beachcombers and snorkellers and divers alike.


This publication is jam packed full of information about the marine environment in Victoria and Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.  Everything you would like to know as a volunteer or just an enthusiast!





This new publication covers all aspects of volunteering in marine environments with some information about local indigenous history, as well as plants, reef systems, coastal geography, sea country history and beach walks, coastal and marine birds, shells, rock pool rambles, seaweeds and geology. Jam packed full of interesting information – great summer reading!





This brand new DVD takes you on a captivating and educational walk through the indigenous sea country history of the local area, as well as foreshore investigations and ends int he Baguurk Weelam Gardens at Ricketts Point Sanctuary.


For all enquiries and purchases of both books and DVDs, please email the Author:

*Our ‘best so far’, Inter-tidal Reef Life video will be available within a few weeks.  **And mid next year the Beaumaris fossils and Geology triplet DVD will also be available.


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