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Marine Education Science and Community Inc. (MESAC) are local and internationally focused, marine science educators located at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.

We offer a series of inclusive, diverse activities and workshops, both on the land and in the water for the community, offering something for everyone!



Ray has retired

Ray Lewis - Half Moon Bay
Ray Lewis – Half Moon Bay

Last month we farewelled Ray Lewis  as he stepped back from the role of MESAC President and Committee member.

Ray has worked tirelessly for many years promoting the coastline, and all the diverse marine and land flora and fauna that we are so lucky to have in our beautiful Port Phillip Bay. Ray has been instrumental in developing and maintaining a network of friends in council, State and Federal Government, as well as many marine groups around our Bay. His hope is and has always been to find a space to call home for all those groups that have an interest in educating and learning about our marine environment, and we hope to continue his efforts in the hope that one day this will come to fruition.

Ray has worked hard to ensure that publications and videos on plants, insects, marine life, geology and local birds, fossils and mammals in the Bayside areas are produced and maintained as a ’time stamp” reference for all, and for this we should all be immensely grateful. Without his driving force these records would not exist. These records will be invaluable for the future.

A small farewell was held at the Back Rock sailing club facing the iconic Cerberus vessel and the coastline that Ray has fought so hard to protect.

On behalf of the MESAC committee and all our members we would like to take a moment to thank him for his determination and endless energy.

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