Who is MESAC

Marine Education Science and Community Centre Inc. (MESAC) is located at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, which is highly valued for its interesting indigenous history, geology, archaeology, and diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

MESAC is developing a multi-user facility to foster marine science, snorkelling, diving, sailing, wind surfing, and associated community interests, and an appreciation for the naturalness and purity of marine ecosystems. It will be located at the existing site of the Beaumaris Yacht Club (BYC) overlooking the glorious Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. The Centre is establishing an integrated water sports centre on foreshore land at a highly used and visited location on Port Phillip Bay.

MESAC provides opportunities for the general public and Victorian Schools, and beyond, to engage in activities that raise awareness of marine environmental issues and make informed discussions about how we treat our oceans, estuaries and beaches…..and how we can do so much better.

We have planned a series of inclusive, diverse activities and workshops, both on the land and in the water for the community, offering something for everyone!

Some of the activities include; Marine Art Shows, Marine Photography courses, Activity Leaders’ Certificates, Seaweed pressing courses, Marine Science Seminar Days, Disabled Diving/Sailing events, Fossil Events, Winter and Summer Solstice Walks, and National Science Week Community event with Beaumaris Secondary College.

A pictorial overview follows.

Beaumaris Yacht Club as it is today

Southern beach view of BYC
Southern car park view of BYC








An aspirational view of MESAC that might be

Work shop and class rooms for students. Researchers and lecturers invited will be top ranking from around Australia and the world.
International class lecture theatres complete with state of the art audio visual equipment that can live stream interviews from experts worldwide
A ‘notional only’ external view of building, so as not to inhibit Architectural imagination. We seek an environmentally sensitive design, and strive for a zero net emissions building, that will suit the local environment and not exceed the current BYC footprint.
Labs for marine science students to perform in situ research
Combined lab and classroom