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MESAC publishes many books, DVDs, articles and newsletters for the marine enthusiast, citizen scientist, snorkeler, beach-comber, rock pool rambler, for adults and children alike. Here are just some of our publications!

Marine Coastal Connections Newsletter

Our marine newsletter provides relevant local, nationwide and international articles about the terrestrial and aquatic environments, and marine inhabitants and research……two legged, four legged, six legged and more!

Please note that our production of our marine newsletter is temporarily suspended, however past newsletters are still available below.

Past Newsletters

Latest Publication

The Common Insects and Spiders of Rickett’s Point Marine Sanctuary.
The book covers many of the beautiful insects and spiders to be found in the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, and provides another species benchmarking resource for the future.
Our congratulations go to the authors, Grace Hakam, John Eichler and John Buckeridge  for their rare and valued contributions.
The book has now been delivered to various state, national, (and some overseas libraries), and remaining stock is limited. available as a FREE downloadable PDF

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We have created this journal with the aim of fostering deeper connections with marine and coastal areas, and the flora and fauna that inhabit it. Many community members have contributed to its pages – artists, photographers, scientists, snorkelers and walkers – all of whom appreciate the wonders of coastal and marine environments. We hope that using this journal may help to cultivate closer attention to the natural environment, its seasonal changes and complex inter-relationships. Regular observation can encourage love and guardianship of our precious coastal environments that survive, and in some areas thrive, despite the impacts of proximity to urban areas.  Makes a beautiful gift for all occasions! (Contact:


Snorkeling Bayside  delivers a general introduction to snorkeling in the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. The book covers snorkeling equipment advice, areas to snorkel within the sanctuary and other locations in Port Phillip Bay.  This guide to Melbourne snorkeling is available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This glorious book covers all the possible bird life of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. It is a guide for the avid birder/twitcher, as well as all lay people who just want to learn, identify, admire and enjoy our beautiful feathered friends.  available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This equally glorious publication gives an excellent overview of the fossils found at the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. Absolutely fascinating reading and so educational for anyone who is curious about this niche interest. available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This book is perfect for anyone interested in the algae and invertebrates that inhabit this beautiful marine sanctuary. Full of colour, shapes, texture of the intriguing beings that live above and below the water. Great for beachcombers and snorkellers and divers alike.  available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This informative book covers all the possible plant life of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. It is a guide for the avid botanist as well as lay people who desire to learn, identify, admire and enjoy our beautiful coastal plants and ecosystems. (Contact:

This publication is jam packed full of information about the marine environment in Victorian Marine Sanctuaries.  Everything you would like to know as a volunteer or just an enthusiast!  available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This new publication covers all aspects of Leading workshops in marine environments with information about local indigenous history, as well as plants, reef systems, coastal geography, sea country history and beach walks, coastal and marine birds, shells, rock pool rambles, seaweeds and geology. Jam packed full of interesting information – great summer reading!  available as a FREE downloadable PDF

A fascinating DVD journey through the mists of time from 6 million years ago. Fossils can teach us so much about the amazing history of our unique Beaumaris Bay area. available as a FREE downloadable PDF

This brand new DVD takes you on a captivating and educational walk through the indigenous sea country history of the local area, as well as foreshore investigations and ends in the Baguurk Weelam Gardens at Ricketts Point Sanctuary. (Contact:

This exciting DVD covers the the fascinating intertidal zone of reef life that occurs between the high and low tides. These animals and plants need to fight to survive due to being submersed and dry for many hours of the day. Learn about their amazing habits and adaptations that allow them to survive in this not-so-friendly environment!  (Contact: