MESAC Projects

Winter Solstice Walk  2024

On 23rd June 2024, we will be holding our annual Winter Solstice Walk along the sanctuary foreshore.  More details closer to the date.



Insects book

The Common Insect and Spiders of Ricketts Point Sanctuary Book Completed – pdf available under MESAC PUBLICATIONS.
This is the 5th book in our ‘urban sanctuary’ range reference books, all under the direction of Professor Buckeridge. After two years the final draft is complete. Previous books covered ‘animals without backbones’, ‘fossils’, ‘foreshore plants’ and ‘bird’.


Under Water Video Project

The Under Water Video Project has been underway for a year. A 3D version is to be developed. Following this it is possible that we can develop a future UW camera recording system, to transmit live images from within the sanctuary, to a ground base, for routine evaluation of species and more. More marine videos in train.