Upcoming Events

We have planned a series of inclusive, diverse activities and workshops, both on the land and in the water for the community, offering something for everyone!

This exciting program is community oriented and open to all, offering a diverse array of onsite marine activities for primary and high school levels, as well as the broader community. There are very few activities for disabled people to enjoy the marine environment – these days are special and unforgettable experiences.

Event When Duration Details Bookings
Disabled Water Sports Day supporting DDA In planning – Summer Sat-Sun TBA TBA
Marine & Foreshore Environment Photography Course In planning A Sunday TBA TBA
Fossils Days supporting BESSI In planning A Sunday Foreshore surrounds TBA
Marine Art Show 04-05 May-19 Sat-Sun Beaumaris Yacht Club Open to all – no bookings required. Gold coin donation.
Winter Solstice Walk Sunday, 23 June 2019 1 day Foreshore surrounds TBA
Cyano Printing & Seaweed Art 06-07 July 2019 Sat-Sun Beaumaris Yacht Club TBA
National Science Week Saturday, 17 August 2019 1 day Beaumaris Secondary College TBA
Songline for the Baguurk Gardens Sunday, 1 September 2019 1 day Baguurk Gardens TBA

This project will further raise awareness and provide valuable learning tools through fun activities which includes thousands of community participants. We work in cooperation with the sanctuary manager, Parks Victoria, as well as Bayside Council, and many other government and non-government organisations who care for the marine environment.


MESAC’s fourth Annual Art Show

MESAC’s fourth Annual Art Show

Save the date for our fourth Annual MESAC Marine Art Expo ...