National Science Week 15 – 23 Aug 2015 – MESAC put on a great program!

MESAC (combination of Marine Care Rickets Point (MCRP) and the Beaumaris Yacht Club (BYC)) was formed to create a combined Yacht and Water Sports Club, and Marine Education Centre on the current yacht club site. We rung a series of environmental education events throughout the year.

National Science Week was a great 9 day event – 750 visitors attended with 21 top level speakers from all over Victoria.

Scientists, educators, parents, grandparents, children, general public….all were and are always welcome! Ricketts Point, Vic.

As part of the National Science Week 2015, MESAC ran a very successful 9 day program, with some 450 adults and 300 children attending. After 5 months of planning we launched the program with 21 high quality speakers from around the State. 24 of our wonderful volunteers from both MCRP and the BYC were there to support and help coordinate the weekend. Their help was invaluable and we thank them sincerely.

The Gould League were also greatly involved and ran five sessions.

Thank you to all the attendees, presenters and volunteers. Next year we hope to make it bigger and better!


Virginia Mosk

Author: Virginia Mosk

My passions are Environment, Sustainability, Marine ecosystems, Biotechnology, as well as Education and Behaviour Change.