Stakeholder Workshop

The objectives of the workshop were:

  Inform concept development

Create a dialogue space where key stakeholders have an equal opportunity to be heard by MESAC and BCC in relation to the proposed marine education science and community centre centre

  Create a common understanding of the relationship between the proposed centre and all key stakeholders including their link with the project and their involvement to date

  Understand key stakeholders’ concerns about the project

  Explore opportunities for MESAC to consider in going further with the proposal

  Share information about the project

  Update key stakeholders on outcomes from the drop-in session


The major outcomes of this initial phase are to inform the community, understand their concerns and aspirations, and seek their input into the concept design; and prepare the necessary materials required to seek funding and support. The community engagement process has been planned for February.

Bayside City Council has developed a community engagement plan which outlined 3 major activities:

  Drop-in session on Sunday 23 February, 10am to 2pm at the Beaumaris Yacht Club

  Stakeholder Workshop on Wednesday 26 February, 6.30 to 9pm at the BCC Centre

  Online Forum (using BCC’s Your Say site) which was live from 14 to 28 February

This community engagement report presents the outcomes of these three activities.

The drop-in session had 88 people attend and contribute and the workshop was attended by 31 participants.

In general the proposed project (at its current early stage with limited detailed information) seems to be supported by most of the community and stakeholders.

There are a significant number of suggestions to ensure the best outcome. Ideally these would be considered in a concept design and a more detailed project proposal. Additionally, stakeholders clearly communicated their interest to be engaged further (through face-to face workshops/forums and online forums) at key stages (eg. design milestones) in the proposed project. Both stakeholders and the community expect comprehensive and transparent information about the proposal through its development.

For example, common requests are for further information about the justification for and suitability of the location, a clear definition of ‘no greater footprint’ (ie. does footprint include the car park? and what about height levels?), and justification for the choice of organisations to be involved in the centre.

Full Information on the outcomes: